The Kids Sports Stars Mission is to motivate and educate kids to adopt and maintain active healthy lifestyles. The KSS Toolkit was developed as a key element in facilitating growth and expansion of KSS programs to reach more schools and more kids.

All Kids Sports Stars (KSS) program content, activity challenges and administrative practices have been designed to teach and reinforce the three key elements of an active healthy lifestyle and to help kids adopt these elements as a key component of living life.


I'm Active: Kids learn proper walking/jogging/running techniques and set a goal to walk/jog/run a minimum of the 26 miles of a marathon.


I Eat Right: Kids learn 3 basic tips for healthy eating and set goals to improve their nutritional habits.


I'm Somebody: Kids Learn basic goal setting techniques and use these techniques to set and monitor nutrition and activity goals.



The KSS Toolkit provides program materials, tools and training for easier and more effective program implementation. Everything needed to plan and implement a successful program is contained in one or more of the three Tooklit Manuals.


Principalsí Manual
Program Managerís Manual
Coachesí Manual


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