The Thunderbirds have supported KSS with grants in 2007-8 and in 2008-9. The 2008-9 grant of $50,000 provides for support of a New School District.

Thunderbirds Charities, a non-profit organization formed in 1986, together with the Thunderbirds and the Thunderbird Foundation distribute monies raised through the FBR Open golf tournament to local charities in need. The mission of Thunderbirds Charities is to assist children and families, help people in need and improve the quality of life in our communities. The organization's giving is directed toward organizations based or with a significant presence in Arizona.

The Thunderbirds were founded in 1937 with the mission of promoting the Valley of the Sun through sports. The Thunderbirds consist of 55 "active" members and more than 250 "life" members. The FBR Open is the best-attended golf tournament in the world and in 2007 drew more than half a million exuberant golf fans to the TPC of Scottsdale. For more information on the Thunderbirds or the FBR Open visit www.fbropen.com.

Supporting contact Karim and Shala Chandani
Supporting contact Liz Peacock and Stefano Cheli

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