Our plan is to be a catalyst for a more comprehensive community-based focus on sports and fitness programs and challenges serving children in need by:
1. partnering with and/or funding existing organizations serving children in need to help these organizations:
a. initiate, refine, or extend programs to help children and their families integrate fitness and sports activity and challenges as well  as healthy eating habits into their lives and/or
b. develop and implement an evaluation model to assess the impact and effectiveness of such programs
2. consolidating findings and best practices to provide feedback for improving operational programs, broadly communicating the findings of the evaluations and influencing policy at the school district, community or state level
3. demonstrating a clear, positive impact in the Greater Phoenix area and building a model for expansion to other major metropolitan markets
4. creating a network of organizations that share findings, leverage resources, and replicate programs, as appropriate, in an effort to better serve the needs of children and families
5. positively impacting the broader community awareness of the problem and of programs that provide effective solutions

KIDS SPORTS STARS supports school based programs using several mechanisms including providing initial program funding, initiating partnerships, and sharing program findings and methods between programs and with the community. KSS believes partnerships with schools, businesses and other non-profits will most quickly and effectively help achieve our vision.

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