The Thunderbirds have supported KSS with grants in 2007-8 and in 2008-9. The 2008-9 grant of $50,000 provides for support of a New School District. Thunderbirds
Charities, a non-profit organization formed in 1986, together with the Thunderbirds and the Thunderbird Foundation distribute monies raised through the FBR Open golf tournament ...
Volunteers make Kids Sports Stars work! Without the amazing work of its volunteers, KSS could not fulfill its mission. We have volunteer opportunities available to match every skill, every interest
and every time commitment.

Click here to volunteer.
Nearly 1000 Kids Sports Stars kids and parents participated in the 2009 Kids Rock Event at the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. Click here for details and pictures of the event!"
Every donor is important, regardless of how much or how little they donate. Every $100 supports another kid for a year. KSS especially appreciates the Circles donors whose contributions help many kids. Click here to donate.
Gale is a Circles Level supporter of KSS. Her story of the role of sports in her life is inspiring; it was the impetus for her support of KSS...
Sports Role Models
Kids are inspired by sports leaders who take the time to be with them and to introduce them to a new sport. The top kids in KSS programs, KSS ALL STARS, have the opportunity to visit with sports role models and to do some
amazing things. From baseball, to golf, to car racing……the kids learn and are honored for their accomplishments...

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